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Best Courses to Learn Divi & Web Design

I also highly recommend the many courses that Michelle Nunan offers on DiviSoup. Mak, who is most known as the Elegant Themes YouTube guy, also has some great courses for learning Divi on Divi University.

Well I hope these recommendations for Divi Courses have helped you in your web design journey. One important thing to remember when it comes to thinking about an online course is that people spend thousands and thousands of dollars in traditional schools pushing dated practices from teachers who are often out of touch with the tools and practical lessons learned in the real world of web design.

Courses like the one’s I’ve mentioned, taught by professionals who are actively in the game and who have built successful business, will give you a much bigger return on investment, faster. And while I’m not in any way against traditional education (and did very much value my 2 year community college design program), there’s just no better return on investment than learning straight from folks who are where you want to be. You can bypass years of struggles and thousands of dollars wasted by investing in one or (as I’d recommend) all of these courses. I certainly wish these were available when I got started.

So level up your web design game quickly and get going in these courses. And if you do and they rock your web design world, let them (and me) know!

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