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How to get Video Testimonials from Clients

I use a new platform who’s creator is a colleague of mine and is my trusted and go-to video guy here in Columbus Ohio. I built the front-end of the Magnfi website and was immediately intrigued. I saw the value of the service and signed on for my web design business. After I started seeing instant results in converting clients, I signed on a new account for where I plan to get video testimonials for products, courses, etc.

With Magnfi, it makes the process of getting video testimonials remarkable simple. All you do is either send your client a link through your dashboard or have them click your video testimonial brand link (m-link) and they can record their testimonial right from their phone, tablet or computer. It’s that simple.

You can then review that testimonial and accept it or have them redo it if need be. And you only pay for the testimonials you accept so collect away. Magnfi then “makes magic” as we say by putting your logo, choice of music and call to action at the end creating a fully produced video. You can then upload that video directly to YouTube, Facebook or download the mp4 file for use.

It really is that easy and that awesome.

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