How To Install A WordPress Plugin

In a recent post, I shared with you 15 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers. But if you are new to WordPress, you may be wondering how do I even install a WordPress plugin? Is it difficult?

The good news is that it is super simple to install a WordPress plugin and in this post I am going to take you through the steps to do just that.

How To Select A WordPress Plugin

Before we talk about installing a WordPress plugins, let’s talk about how to select the best WordPress plugin for the job.

There are thousands of plugins available and there are a few things you should look at before installing one:

What is the plugin rated – Fortunately WordPress plugins have ratings. Stay away from ones with low ratings or ones with no ratings.

Number of active users – Stay away from plugins that don’t have a lot of active users.
Latest update – When was the plugin last updated. You want to stay away from plugins that have not been updated in the last year or two as these may not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and are probably not supported anymore.


How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Installing a WordPress plugins is simple. Simply follow these steps.

#1 – From your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins >> Add New.

#2 – Search for the plugins you want.
If you have purchased a plugin and already have the .zip file, you can just click the Upload Plugin button and follow the prompts to upload it and activate it.

#3 Click the Install Now button.

#4 Click the Activate button

Your done. That is all there is to installing a WordPress plugin.

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