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How to Revert a WordPress Multisite to a Single-site

6. Delete Multisite Tables from the Database

Lastly, you’ll want to delete the Multisite tables from the database to keep things clean. To do this, open phpMyAdmin from cPanel, and click on your Multisite’s database. Next export the database again, so you can come back to this point, if you delete something you shouldn’t.

Next remove the following tables, plus any others you recognize as coming from Multisite-only plugins. You’ll also want to delete any tables that start with “wp_#_” such as “wp_8_comments”. Any that have the number after the table prefix (normally “wp_”), are for the sub-sites that you already deleted, so you want them gone.

  • wp_blogs
  • wp_blog_versions
  • wp_registration_log
  • wp_signups
  • wp_site
  • wp_sitemeta
  • wp_sitecategories (if it exists)

As Tom points out in the comments, there may be other tables you can remove as well. Such as those for specific plugins, like the domain mapping plugin:

  • wp_domain_mapping
  • wp_domain_maping_logins

If you’re not familiar with phpMyAdmin, to delete them, just check the checkbox next to each one, then select the “With selected:” drop-down menu at the bottom and click “Drop”. You’ll confirm it in the next step. I also repaired and optimized my database at this point. To do that, use the “Check All” checkbox next to that same drop-down, then click “Repair”. After that’s completed. Click the “Structure” tab at the top to get back to the top level of the database, and repeat the process, only this time select “Optimize.

7. Delete the “blogs.dir” or “sites” and “mu-plugins” Folders

Back in the File Manager, navigate to /public_html/wp-content/. There you can delete the “blogs.dir” or “sites” folder, and maybe the “mu-plugins” folders. The “blogs.dir” or “sites” (depending on when your Multisite was 1st created) contains all the files uploaded to the sub-sites. The “mu-plugins” folder is the “must use” plugins. Meaning they can’t be ignored, disabled, etc. This is common on multisite, but can still be important on a single site. So you’ll have to determine if you still need any “must use” plugins on the single-site, or not. Thanks to Surbma for reminding me of this point, in the comments.

8.  Login to the New Single-Site & Re-Activate Plugins

Now just visit and login normally with the admin user you’ve always used. It may tell you that you need to upgrade your database. Go ahead and let it do that, then you’ll get to your admin (you may have to login a 2nd time). Now activate all the plugins that are supposed to be running and check the front-end of your website to make sure everything is working fine.

Also go to Settings > Permalinks and just click the save button. No need to change anything, just click save. This can fix some issues.

The only problem I had at this point was that some plugins that required additional info, needed to be setup again. For example BruteProtect (now merged into JetPack) required an API key. For some reason it was lost in the transition. So I found the email that contained the API key for our site, pasted it into the plugin’s settings, and saved. Other than that, everything worked great.

If Something Goes Wrong

If something goes wrong, feel free to comment, but I can’t guarantee a speedy reply. You can contact me directly and I can try and give some additional direction.

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