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What do I do if I want to start a blog or newsletter?

Hello this is Kurt Francom from Fiddler Online and this is one of hundreds of videos where I answer the most commonly asked questions related to small business web design. Today’s question is “What do I do if I want to start a blog or newsletter?”

That’s a great question because content is king and content is where the money is made online.

A big mistake I see of individuals wanting to start a blog or newsletter is they spend too much time and resources on the design of the site, getting a camera you can shoot stills with or video camera that has a real good quality. Just start creating content and that’s the secret of being successful. Starting as soon as possible and being consistent at creating content. Now it’s as easy as going to and staring your own blog, it’s free, and then start creating content online and getting your voice out there.

Another great resource to look at is sites like LinkedIn or sites like Medium that allow you to put content out there without having your own platform and that way you start generating an audience long before you have the perfect website up.

Another mistake I see people make is they are too general in the type of audience they are targeting. Anybody that has polls and likes to read that’s who i’m going after. It has to be a specific, specific niche. So it may be people in Arkansas who like to knit or maybe people that like dogs in Wisconsin; and even those are too broad. You have to get very specific. If you can get a thousand fans that love and adore your content, that’s all you need to generate a career online. Now that’s easier said than done but you can do it. So again, the simplest thing you can do is just start creating content; that’s how you start a blog or a newsletter.


Kurt Francom is a former partner at WordXpress. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has two kids and a massage therapist wife Alanna (a mechanic never has time to work on his own family cars). Kurt enjoys reading, writing, time-travel movies, attending college football games in the fall, and drawing caricatures.

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